It’s a Boating Life!

Whew, what a week! In this busy week, we saw the rise of our fair share of teething issues, ranging from tweaking the config files to suit our increased world size to getting people to settle near enough to each other for settlement influence radii or having the right amount of citizens to even found a settlement. Of course, there will always be people who opt not to partake in the new settlements system, and it will be interesting to see how they develop as the map progresses.

I’ve resumed creating content for YouTube with Satsuki, where we’ll regularly create videos, both accompanying these posts and giving you insights on a wide variety of topics, from building tips, to Eco observations and more. If there is a particular topic you’d like us to cover in the next episode, feel free to reach out!

Additionally, we are looking for someone who can both shoot footage and edit them for usage. If you are able to do that or know someone who can, send them our way!

With that said, here’s a few screenshots to get your creative juices flowing, as we move towards more goodies the 10.0 update brought us!

See you in the next post!

New Frontiers!

Phew, been a while!

As you might have guessed by the accompanying picture and our Discord imagery, it’s LAUNCH WEEK! After many months anxiously awaiting the big Beta 10.0 update.. it is now here!

So, what can you expect from us now that everything we held dear in our government has been changed? Quite a lot! While we won’t have a global government until/if we manage to form a Federation, we will have multiple towns, each with their own ideas about how to run the government, money, and most importantly, trade. While we do expect at least some familiarity in the way things are run, the noble Dwarves will not conform!

We will be sporting Renaissance designs ported over by yours truly from the realm of Minecraft and focusing on creating a livable, breathing city where traversing from livable space to livable space is encouraged over North American-esque car-centric towns. As such, don’t expect a strict grid or the ability to park/drive your vehicles all willy-nilly. Pay heed to the pedestrians!

With that said, don’t expect the same supercontinent we’ve had for years either! Inspired by the Indonesian archipelogo, most biomes have their own big island. Meaning that for the iron to flow, you’re likely to have dealings with the Dwarves. If on the other hand it is copper, gold or many of the fancy wood types you’re looking for, you’re highly encouraged to grab your boat and trade with another town!

Lastly, I would like to mention that there will be at least one big town where we will disallow groups larger than two people to share residence or otherwise work together, in addition to not allowing vertical integration in the form of a smelter/engineer duo or farmer/chef. Two chefs or two engineering players are of course encouraged!

And now.. to the New Frontiers!