As we are on the cusp of Eco 10.0 releasing, our modlist has been trimmed down in anticipation of the new content and with the expectation that a lot of 9.7.x compatible mods will no longer work right away. Once new mods get added, more mods will make their way back to this page.

As DiscordLink and Nid’s Toolbox are essential for us, we don’t launch a map without them unless we absolutely have to. Something which only happened once in our 5 year history, during the early Beta 8.0 days.


  • DiscordLink: linking in-game chat to our Discord server and vice versa, to be able to talk to the people in-game wherever you happen to be
  • ElixrModpack: This modpack includes a whole bunch of items, including autodoors, road barriers, more furniture and other decorations. Give it a try!
  • Nid’s Toolbox: Forming the basis of our administrative core, this mod allows for admin-defined selective delegation of otherwise inaccessible commands. In addition, it allows us to customize our MOTD as well as show a condensed set of server rules in-game through /nid-rules
    • Due to the sensitive nature of these commands, staff only has access to property-related commands, /fly as well as the commands allowing them to act as moderators – issuing warnings, kicking, banning and the various teleport commands.
    • All other admin commands have been restricted to admin-only


Various recipes are tweaked to better balance them and to give some underutilized stone types more use, e.g. Basalt

  • All tree growth times halved compared to vanilla
  • Huckleberries, Tomatoes, Papaya and Pineapple seeds can be used to create Oil
  • Powered Cart and Trucks can use Biodiesel for fuel
  • Rolling Mill can be made from a regular Assembly Line rather than Robotic Assembly line
  • All electric lamps cost 100w to run rather than 250w
  • Every recipe which previously only required you to learn a specialty scroll, now requires you to spend a star