Admin Inistaras

Name: Gareth
Nickname: Inistaras
Age: 21 with 15 years experience
Occupation: Store Operations Support Professional

I, like Prae, am introverted by nature, much preferring to engage with small groups than large ones. However, when engaged I don’t shy from being loud and having fun with everyone else. I have built some amazing friendships through this game’s community.

I think I have played all the professions including hunter (once, never again shudders). By far I prefer the engineering or cooking roles as they fit best with how I like to play. I joined this server in its Beta 7.8 playthrough. Prae’s love of big structures has rubbed off on me and my go to residence now is a Renaissance style mansion featuring gardens normally covering a 9×9 space or a Roman style quad villa.

I think my favorite aspect of this game is seeing all the different styles and ways in which people build and fill their space or the way they set out their production systems, learning from these methods and using them to make my gameplay more efficient and aesthetic.

Looking forward to seeing you and your buildings in game!