Advisor Satsuki

Name: Satsuki Shizuka (Satsuki is the surname)
Nickname: Sats, Satsuki
Age 36
Occupation: Scholar, interpreter

Satsuki joined MaiestasHaven since late 2018, introducing a regulated market pricing and currency system that brought about the foundations of the well-organized society the server is known for today. While she has since then moved on from taking an active role in facilitating that, her continued presence as an active member of the Maiestas society keeps that tradition going.

That tradition can also be seen with her architectural creations: If you see a traditional Chinese or East Asian architectural or landscaping design, from gardens to pagoda towers, all intricately designed and decorated to the degree of causing lag, you’ll know it’s a Satsuki masterpiece. (The community has even jokingly started measuring the lag using “Satsuki” as a standard unit of measure)

There is nothing that brings more joy to Satsuki than seeing a society that thrives, happy, and rich. Dream big, build big, reflect, and build bigger next time, is her motto. See you all in-game!