Admin Praefator

The avatar I made using the new Avatar Editor coming with Beta 10.0, roughly based on my IRL appearance


On this page, I seek to lift the veil on who’s behind it all, and provide you with a little something about me.

To start, the “easy” stuff, and things will progress as we go down the rabbit hole 🙂

Name: Bryan
Nickname: Praefator (Latin for “forerunner”, “priest” or most literally “prophet”. Not to be confused with “magician” or “wizard” :P)
Age: 35 as of July 2023
Occupation: First year college student; studying towards a Bachelor and subsequent Master in Business Administration (MBA)

People tend to describe me as an introverted, reserved, principled yet just individual who seeks to innovate. Within group settings, I am noticing a recent trend where I continue to be a good-natured person, but both becoming more talkative, open about my own feelings as well as preferring an innovative, creative role while still preferring things to be orderly.

As a result of my introverted nature, I may not be the most talkative at first, nor someone who prefers the loudness of a big group in voice chat. Instead, while I recognize the early stage of a map where voice chat makes co-ordination a lot easier to accomplish, I often choose to stick with text-only communication or one-on-one voice chat so as to not get overwhelmed.

In-game I have played virtually all the professions over the 5 years of play, with the exception of Hunter. As such, I tend to know a thing or two about my experiences as the specific profession you may be wondering about, with a preference towards masonry, smithing and engineering.

Additionally, I am known for making big structures in Eco, one may also refer to as “megastructures” – I’m the architect behind the 8.0 Palacio de Liria, the 8.1 Palais du Rhin and most recently the 9.0 Paleis op de Dam. Projects which spanned 16×11, 18×13 and 23×19 plots respectively. In that same sequence, generally spanning 3-4 floors with an internal room height of 5 blocks.

Naturally, my door’s open if you have any concerns about anything server-related, though I would ask that you ask available Staff or any of the other two admins first, unless your concern is about them specifically. With that said, I am looking forward to create something great alongside all of you!

My pride and joy, the Paleis op de Dam