A Tale of Two Towns, part 2


Welcome back to another edition of our ongoing Tale of Two Towns! It is now Day 24, and a lot has changed since our last post.

Unfortunately, our player concurrency has dropped off in the intermediate weeks, leaving us with no other option but to remove the whitelist in order to lower the barrier to entry towards everyone already in our Discord to give us a shot.

On the flip side, it did allow us to focus that much more on the collaboration between both factions, in turn strengthening our mutual bonds. Our road network is now connected to each other, with various bridges popping up to bridge the oceans!

A snapshot from Day 18, when Sharbhund was not as developed yet

The Khazad-dûm-Sharbhund bridge in progress, connecting Opulentia and our industry with our carpenters and one step towards uniting with the Elven road system

The Sharbhund-Zirak bridge, which is but a short distance away from crossing over into Elven lands

The view when entering Mingyang as of Day 18

A different view of Mingyang, with the palace in an in-progress state

Lo and behold, the interior of the Mingyang Palace!

The Mingyang Palace exterior in its completed state

Meanwhile, I’ve finally finished the design phase of Opulentia, of which you may view the full building down below. Until next time!

A frontal view of the entirety of Opulentia in all its glory

A slightly elevated view, with the Burgerzaal domed roof in the middle