9.0, Staff and You: An explanation


As you no doubt have seen these last few days, we underwent a few changes on the Discord side of things, after concerns were raised about Staff presence both on the ongoing selected-access map, as well as going forward whenever Beta 9.0 is launched.

To that end, allow me to explain what these fancy tags will mean for you, the player. As before, staff is your first point of contact. Failing that, talk with Belgareth the admin. While I would prefer it to be a last resort in terms of an escalation path, on occasion I understand if you wish to talk to me directly as the singular person responsible for the server’s well-being as a whole.

In such a case, do PM me on Discord and I’ll do my best to help out!


  • GM, short for “Game Masters”: These are the type of people you’d go to in case you’re stuck, when you have a question about the game, or when you have an issue with another (group of) player(s). As of the moment of writing, these people are responsible for that:
    • Dwarf: Belgareth
    • Elf: Satsuki and Acularius
  • IT: much like elsewhere, these are the “tech people”. In terms of the server, they make sure you’re able to connect to the server, as well as maintain/update our collection of in-house mods. For issues/feedback on these type of matters, you may contact Ferchibald. If the issue is related to an external mod, you can contact me.
  • HR, short for “Human Resources”: They are there to keep an eye on staff as a whole, to provide input on whether staff is sufficiently staffed, whether staff is properly represented among the server populace, as well as be the point of contact in case you have an issue with a member of staff.
    In case you do have an issue with a member of staff, feel free to contact NNMike and we’ll work things out!
  • CM, short for “Community Management”. They are the “fun” staff members, coming up with events for you to take part in, as well as serving as people you may contact if you have an idea about things to do in-game besides working towards destroying the meteor!
    You may contact either Sans Tark or squishy-panda for these sort of things. Looking forward to what we’ll come up with!

In closing, I hope this post explained in more detail what these tags mean, and that they will prove to be a worthwhile addition to server operation 🙂

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