And so we begin – part 2

Part 2 – where I discuss additional topics related to the current 8.2 map, as well as developments for the future.

Welcome back!
In case you ended up here first, I would encourage you to read part 1 here, as this continues my train of thought – wouldn’t want you to miss the first half of the movie!

All caught up? Good! 🙂

The first thing I want to touch up in this follow up post, is the way some members of staff have been communicating as of late. I don’t find it fitting of an open, welcoming server to be grilled about their particular building style or the size of it. Instead, it should be accepting of other styles, both in actual architectural styles as well as freestyled designs. After all, you get more bees with honey, not with vinegar 😉

With that said – going forward I’ll be focusing efforts into making sure that any feedback given, especially the unsolicited ones, are predominantly constructive.

Looking ahead to a 9.0 future where we have multiple towns, each doing their own thing, while contending for the same pool of citizens alongside newly joining players, I’d hate for the capital to be drained of its talent and liveliness. If nothing else, it should exemplify all that is good and just in the world, as a paragon of excellence.

Additionally, as a server we should work on creating new game objectives, along the lines of building up the Eco tech tree in Museum form, but also things like having light roleplaying going on, to the tune of Dwarves having their own theme song, while these silly Elves have yet to come up with one 🙂

Of course, as this is a whole new direction for us to take, I’m very interested in hearing from what you guys want to see included on a more cultural level. Feel free to ping me on Discord!

The Thinker, by Rodin

One more thing I want to touch upon, which has been an unfortunate side-effect of only having a single city: Freelancers. While essential to making sure processors are well-supplied, their major flaw to date has been the lack of incentive towards any expenditure. After all, there’s only so much you can spend on your house, which serves to quicken your progression path, but otherwise pales in comparison to how lucrative the job is.

I think an important part to make this job become much more appealing has been missing up until now: multiple towns.

Just because town x only has need for freelancers or transporters, doesn’t mean a different town won’t have need of more processors – which is a perfect supplement towards both the town in question as well as the global economy as a whole.

Finally, after well over 1100 words, my last (short) section for the day: repeat events.

I am thinking of including events which recur throughout future maps (starting with 9.0) and ran by Staff, so that besides doing something for the laser progress, there’s additional incentive to keep coming back for more – think building contests, races, and so on. If you have ideas for something else which would appeal to Socializers/Killers specifically, hit up a member of Staff 🙂


Whew, brain has been emptied for now. See you next time, and as always, feedback welcome!

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